Do you check email, Facebook or text more throughout the day?

Guess do your customer!

Texting your customers to

create more repeat business

Everyone texts, we touch our phones 150 times a day, it is instant communication and everyone reads a text within 3 minutes. Texting your customers reaches 11 times more people than social media and 6 times more people than email.

FEATURES of SMS Marketing


Text to Join

Your customers can text different keywords to join VIP databases. Once a customer joins you can reach them instantly with 99% open rates, and 40% click through rates.


Links to Social, Photos

Create engagement on your FB and IG posts. Send photos and videos creating excitement in your customers. 99% see it


Birthday Club

When you collect your customers cellphone number we also collect their birthdates. Send Happy Birthday messages to your customers creating extra visits


Build Reviews

Because you will get 99% open rate and 40% CTR ask your customers for reviews and provide links to where you want the review


Promo Codes

Include your promo codes in all text messages so you can track how texting is working for your business.


3rd party links

Promote your online ordering, delivery or reservation provider links


Event Reminders

Send a calendar or Eventbrite link, increase ticket sales and participation


Sales, Promotions

Give them the white glove treatment, without posting your pricing on social media.


Lead Generation

Instant lead generation on your website, at conferences, shows and advertising.

Benefits of Texting

  • Texting is Permission based meaning your customers want to hear from you

  • Send images, videos, links

  • Takes just a few minutes to send 1 text to 1000s of people

  • Be more direct, instantly reach your customers

  • Your message gets in front of your customers daily

  • 11 times greater reach than social media

  • 6 times greater reach than email

  • 100% of your potential customers text

  • 99% of texts are read

  • 29% of Tweets are read

  • 20% of emails are opened

  • 12% of Facebook post are read

  • Create extra visits

  • Great tool for following up

  • Create visits on non peak days as well as slow days

  • Birthday and Anniversary messages

Restaurant Testimonial

I have been using texting since 2017. I was skeptical before agreeing to using texting. This is the only marketing that has ever worked. It does exactly what they say it does!

One of my favorite parts of the service is it takes very little time to execute and I get great results.

When I am slow, I send out a text message and it fills my restaurant! It is the only service that I can use to strategically bring in almost immediately!

Even when some of the people do not show up when I send out a particular message, I am still branding my business; keeping our restaurant fresh in their minds for future visits

Our marketing firm has provided me with excellent support by sharing the best practices that help make this program a success.

If you want to have control of your restaurant traffic and have your regulars, and new customers visit more frequently, I strongly recommend using this service!